From Balti Pies to the Biggest Prize : The Transformation of Manchester City

Steve Mingle

The story so far. Manchester City end the 2003-04 season relieved at having narrowly escaped relegation. Thereve been highs and lows, but the lows have been desperate and the highs restricted to minor triumphs of promotions and occasional derby wins. Meaningful silverware hasnt been delivered since 1976.Kevin Keegan looks like hes lost the will to live, let alone manage City, and the transfer kitty is bare. Eight years later, theyve won the Premier League in the final seconds of the most dramatic match in the history of football. From Balti Pies to The Biggest Prize relives the journey from perpetual also-rans to champions, from laughing stocks to a team to be feared, fuelled by the injection of unimaginable finance. The money has changed the calibre of the team on the field but how much has it changed its fanbase, its culture, its soul? Steve Mingles book gives a unique perspective on exactly how it feels to be City today.